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Hi guys!  The following is a list of the blogs I have been following for a while and that have inspired me beyond measure. I keep discovering new and powerful voices out there and I will continue to add their website here so you can also enjoy what they are all about.



Cool blog lavendaire

I was literally obsessed with this blog for many months. Her content is absolutely creative, she speaks her mind and I simply love the style of her videos, photos, well everything!

Her path in life has been an interesting one and she seems like a person very aware of herself, being so young! I discovered her blog though her channel on Youtube and later followed her podcast almost religiously. Her blog is about self-development and creativity mostly through videos on YouTube. 



favourite blogs TSLL

I discovered her blog through her podcast and again, I love it very much. You can tell she is a teacher by the way she speaks and it is lovely. She talks about books, about learning about yourself and others and about enjoying life in a luxurious way. She re-defines the word luxury and transforms it into anything that brings pleasure and a smile from you. She talks about quality over quantity. I like her advice most of the time although I believe you can get a fantastic style with normal brands as well, not only premium brands.There are fantastic small shops here and there that may not be as famous but their designs are really worth it. She is passionate about all things French since she lived in Paris for a while, so that really resonated with me! I am a fan of all things French as well!

The blog seems to have taken a different direction than the podcast but is still nice to look at!



 Kristy Arnett WTF am I doing with my life

I discovered her blog and podcast through Lavendaire’s podcast. I loved the interview she did and I love what Kristy does. She did a coaching session live with a client in one of the podcasts and it was truly amazing.  Her content is very interesting and it makes you ponder about many things in  life. A practice that we should use from time to time at least. I think her target audience must be a bit older than Lavendaire’s but I find  it just as cool!


RONDE ET ALORS (Chatelaine) by Joanie Pietracupa (In French guys!)

favourite blogs Ronde et alors

I discovered this one recently and I love it.  She has a very powerful  voice and her blog is about the life of a curvy woman in Montreal, Canada.

I liked this one maybe a bit more as there are not so many women in France speaking out about this. Unlike Ireland, many countries (my dear Spain included) are extremely critical with women that are not super thin. Not a layer of fat tolerated. So it is refreshing to start reading people speaking out and being confident in who they are.

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