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I have endometriosis and since I was diagnosed I have learned ways in which my diet can improve my condition. I am interested in keeping my hormones and my weight at bay so you will see lots of articles on how to manage your diet, tips to improve your nutrition and different ways in which our minds do affect our hormones as well.

One thing I have learned is that we are not only a body and a mind but they are very well linked. And whatever is happening in our life and how we perceive it (ie. stress) will be felt in our body in the form of an imbalance or illness sometimes.

There is a very rational explanation to this and it is that when we suffer in our mind, our body still perceives it as a threat and so it uses all resources to survive that threat (when it is in our mind, it can be stress, anxiety, etc…). While the body is busy doing this, our immune system gets weak and other agents may threat our health (bacteria,illnesses,  etc..).

This section is a compilation of everything that I have learned and that I am still learning and I hope you enjoy it.

healthy living

A natural way to get rid of your anxiety? Black & Green tea to the rescue!

Nowadays almost everybody suffers from anxiety one way or another. Often times this is related to stress at work. Other times it is triggered by other factors. When you do to the doctor for anxiety issues, you will see that the treatment recommended is usually based on oral medication with really strong effects. It blocks the negative reaction of your body to stress  but I have noticed that it also reduces my reactions to positive events while taking this medication. I guess it balances everything but the secondary effects seem a bit much to me.

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Walking & nature: the latest trend to improve our well-being

We all know that exercise can improve our mood and our health. That is why most of us go to a particular gym or sign up for a class like Pilates, Spinning, Box fit, you name it. Mine is swimming, I love to disconnect from everything and spend an hour swimming non-stop to quiet my mind. Yes, 90 times out of a 100 I do it more for my mental health that for my physical health.

I like the gym, and going is a great way to recharge the batteries especially if your job is to do something for a few hours in front of a computer. But since I started running a few years ago, I discovered the joys of just walking/jogging/running outdoors or even better in nature. 

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How to mentally prepare for a fertility treatment

For those of you who are thinking about starting a treatment or have been already through one, it is very important to start with the right mindset and thinking about ways to better cope with a process that is already quite overwhelming for most people. I don’t think that it will make it necessarily easier but at least it will keep you sane and mentally strong through the whole treatment.