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When you can’t take a flight there are many ways to disconnect just the same way you would do when travelling abroad. I call it mindtravel as it is a trip for your mind.

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Reasons why Ireland is the best place to be in the summer

We all know that it rains in Ireland and that weather is completely unpredictable. But even when I go to sunny Spain in the middle of the summer I find myself missing activities and places that can only be done and enjoyed here in Ireland, and more specifically in Dublin. The weather is so warm in Madrid, that you can barely move during the day, except for going to the pool. But in Dublin, there is so much you can do in the summer that it is truly the best place to be.
The weather is fresh, nice but not too warm, the days are long (sunset starts at 9-10pm!) and all the sudden weekend fairs start popping out. It is the moment of the year where we spend most time outside and there are so many things to do outdoors!

Some of my favorites are:

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Winter season to-do fun list

Hi, Friends!

For the last few days,  we have had in Dublin really cold temperatures compared to what we have been having for the last few months. It is normal considering we are approaching December but somehow you get used to the weather being mild here.

As the days get colder, it is good to remember the things that one like to do when it is this cold that you can’t do in any other time of the year, this way you make sure you are making the most of it.