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Some of the things that I have learned so far and that I am still learning.  Life is constantly changing so why not to better adapt to it!

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5 benefits of growing up gracefully

‘’Maturity comes when you stop making excuses and you start making changes’’


As a child the part of growing up that always excited me, was the freedom. The freedom to do what you want, and go wherever you want to go, and to be free to make your own choices. We all know this is true to an extent but as an adult we may reverse back into childhood obeying whatever cultural ‘shoulds’ of the culture, family and country we live in without even questioning if we even believe them to be part of who we are.  And as a child we are often blissfully unaware of the responsibilities and challenges  that come with the freedom we so eagerly seek. And while we will all grow older every year that does not mean that we will all grow up in the full sense of the word.

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Gratitude: the true antidote to any rejection

We have all felt rejection at some point in our lives and I guess we can all agree it is not a great emotion to feel. There are studies that show that the areas that activate in the brain when we feel emotional pain are the same than when we receive physical pain. From an evolutionary perspective we needed this pain to avoid being ostracised as the chances to survive were better when you were part of a group.

But nowadays we still feel this social pain even when our survival does not depend on it.  What to do when this happens?

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The challenge of being yourself in a foreign country

Who are we? This is a question that seems easy for each one of us. But at the end of the day, and for some of us who have spent a decade abroad, the question of who we are is not as simple to answer as it was when we left our country of origin, almost a decade ago.
We try to adapt, we want to speak more fluently, and yet we have this whole personality and cultural identity dormant waiting to be awakened somehow. We are bicultural.

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How to stop the need to fit in

<<Wanting to be accepted. Longing to feel welcome.
Trying to fit in however it feels right. Saying yes all the time. Being as ‘nice’ as you should be.
Jumping through every hoop , saying all the ‘right’ things.
And yet, all your efforts still aren’t good enough.
You’re sick of trying to fit in.
You just want to feel like you belong just the way you truly are.
Beautifully imperfect>>

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Why celebrating every single thing will make you happier

I believe that we should be celebrating every single time things go well, we achieve things, we get love or we have lots of fun. I profoundly believe this is important and also a big part of why I am getting happier and more grateful with my life every day. I also find that some people do not react well to this and prefer to look at the glass as half-empty or just to focus on the 2% of negative from what otherwise would be a fantastic piece of news. I see these people as always walking under a dark cloud, they always seem to get the shorter end of the stick, they are always the unlucky ones and misfortune seems to follow them around wherever they go. But another characteristic of these type of people is that they do not get why other people see life in such a ‘happy’ way when there is so much going wrong, in their opinion.

To me, there is a fundamental difference that differentiates my way of thinking from their way of thinking: GRATITUDE.