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Check my guides and tips so you can enjoy your trip way more! Travelling is fun and with some advice can be even more fun. Enjoy!

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Super tips for your Barcelona trip!


This post is the continuation of the blog post I wrote last week with my Bucket list for Barcelona. I wanted to write another post with  a follow up on that one with some tips, things that i would have done differently (if I knew!!), the things that one learns when going to the city itself.

First of all, please do take a look at this beautiful video of Barcelona from the website as it will blow your mind. I wish I found this video before going to Barcelona! It is such an impressive video!!

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Spain changes you: 9 things you will notice


Do you know that feeling you have when you are back from your trip to Barcelona, Madrid, Granada or Alicante? Basically anywhere in Spain?Yes, this is the realisation we all have that as many people say: Spain is different, indeed. Let me tell you some of the most typical withdrawals you will go through on your first three days back! 

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Barcelona bucket list: 4 day trip

Since this weekend I am going to Barcelona to see The Cure  (my favorite band!!!)  I found myself today looking for things to see in this great city. I was there only once many years ago and I remember I loved it even though  I didn’t have time to see everything I wanted to see.

So I am preparing a list of the things I must see, but with not many things as I honestly don’t like to pack my trips with a thousand visits. I prefer to stroll and take in the general atmosphere of the city.

So the way I organize myself for this is the following: