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My first experience with Weight Watchers!


Hi, friends!

It’s been two weeks since I joined Weight Watchers and it has been a complete roller coaster! I decided to register because I wanted to loose a few kilos and I thought that the weekly monitoring would motivate me to lose more and faster. I was entirely sure that I had the nutrition factor completely handled and that I just needed some group motivation. But the first week I even put weight on!!  It turns out that I actually learned a few things about some of the foods I was having and this has been quite the revelation! This is going to be an ongoing series where I will share my progress through the program and the lessons I learned along the way. Stay tuned!

For the longest time I’ve had a soup at night, followed by fruit; seems light, right?. I felt so healthy and especially hungry some nights but I went for it anyway as everybody in my family has light meals for dinner and it it has been shown that to have a light dinner is better for sleeping and for health in general. We are not supposed to have big dinners before going to bed mostly because we will never use that energy like we would do during the day.

So on my first week with WW  I calculated the points of that soup with my boyfriend just to know out of curiosity how many points it had and OMG….I could have had a whopper from Burger King and it would have been the same!. This soup had 11 points that in Weight Watchers points are equivalent to 3 beers my friends. You can imagine my face; I actually wanted to have some chicken and a salad and had the soup instead thinking it will be less calorific. This situation actually repeated itself many times during that week with many other foods so it takes a few days until you get the idea on how to chose what to eat.

There is usually a person at the door that will ask you for your WW card, and the speaker at the meetings. You go there and you show your card, pay for the session, get weighted and then you take a seat with the others before the talk begins.I thought I would find these talks very boring as in Spain we are reminded almost every day about nutrition so we instinctively know quite a lot. But I must say that the talks are actually very interesting and I have discovered a few recipes (like gluten-free cookies!) and interesting facts about food psychology.

Here are a few things that I have learned in these two meetings that I had so far:

points comparison soup hamburgerMANY ‘HEALTHY LOOKING’ FOODS ARE NOT HEALTHY AT ALL!

For me, this was revelation number 1. The amount of foods that I was having in big quantities thinking that they were very light in calories and once you really check the label….OMG. This actually explains why many times I was having very few meals, all very small (in quantity) and it was still really hard to shed those two kilos I wanted to. They take into consideration not only the calories but all the other components that you find in labels



So once you discover that that great 250g fat-free hummus that you love have the lovely amount of 27 points (equivalent to 7 beers!!) things do change. I used to have it with carrots and it really felt like it was nothing but it really is. Now instead of just eating randomly from the pot, I divide the content with a spoon and I approximately calculate how many points that could be. Clearly, I have reduced the amount I can have in one meal and in general. What I like about this system is that it puts things in perspective, and it seems easier to calculate points with a phone app than to calculate calories in general. In fairness, that has never worked for me so I am happy with the change.


The speaker today mentioned the fact that sometimes we eat depending on the company we have. This is something I rarely think about but there is some truth to it. Sometimes we just have binge-eating buddies and that is what we do with them usually, so when you are trying to lose some weight, this can be awkward!


Sometimes we self-sabotage because we are afraid of what entails to continue with this path, or because we commiserate on food, or on the ‘never happy with my body syndrome’. It is true that it’s worth taking a look at why we do what we do because many times just a bit of self-reflection will save us many more of those awkward moments. Sometimes the sabotage comes from other people and that is also worth taking into consideration. If you have a friend that you always meet to have coffee and cake, it is true that the day that you don’t, well, it is an adjustment!.

But the best is the support, as we all have people that support us and that is a great motivation. I am lucky as I have many loved ones that support me no matter what so I find it better to focus on them than anything else.

Food calculator


The day you register they give you like a small notebook so you write what you have for every day and the points. There is a section for exercise and another one for the mood of the day. I find this very cool as an aspect often overlooked on weight loss is emotional eating that has nothing to do with food in the sense of real hunger and a lot to do with our mood and how we calm our feelings with food.


As with everything trying to do things perfectly and believe that we cannot fail, is possibly the worst enemy for many of us, myself included. It is hard to show up when you haven’t met the target or if you had a ‘bad’ week. But like in everything the most important thing is to show up, the rest usually comes in an easier way.


Since I started the program because I have to pay attention to all the food and its points it is true that if I go for that wine glass , for example, I do enjoy it more than I used to. This has a lot to do with mindful eating and really choosing what we eat and enjoy it guilt free. This is actually a nicer way to eat as it removes the feeling of guilt automatically associated with certain foods. It is a cool feeling!

So to sum up, it has been good sometimes hard some others but interesting anyhow. The good news is that I have lost 2 kilos so far so I am really excited to continue this way.

Thank you for reading this post and let’s see how it goes next week!

Hasta pronto!




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