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MACA: Why I am trying this Superfood that drastically balances your hormones.


This has been a recent discovery after reading a post online where someone was talking about a Macaccino made with Maca root. The recipe of this will come in my next post as I added a few variations! I have been reading and researching a lot about foods and how they affect our bodies since I changed my diet to a more endometriosis- friendly one and I never even heard about this root till recently.

Maca root grows at over 14,000 feet above sea level, in the Peruvian Andes, with almost 50% less oxygen in the air than other plants . The cool thing about Maca is that  it seems to be able to balance the hormones in your body correcting as a result the amounts of oestrogen and progesterone according to what the body needs.

Since I started with the Endometriosis diet some things have become very clear to me as the staples of my heath today:


Dairy is a pleasure but it is a luxury item in my diet. This means that I rarely have foods that contains dairy.  It is very difficult  for me as I  have loved dairy foods all my life and they were practically 50% of my diet before my Endometriosis (Endo) was diagnosed.


I have gone months with no red meat, but now I am more careful and I have it once in a million years as well. The problem here is not so much the meat (although it is not good to have a lot of read meat) but the hormones in that meat. The hormones used on the animals, from where you will eat the meat is what makes a mess out of our hormones as Endo-women.


This was the other 50% of my diet. Just as hard to delete from my diet but I try to have it also very sparingly again, as a luxury item once in a million years as possible.  For women with endometriosis, these foods seem to cause inflammation and mess with out hormones. When I was at my worst with two cysts and having pains just walking, I noticed an improvement in my pain management just by deleting these from my diet so I recommend these changes to everybody that is suffering from this disease. After all, what do you have to lose?

 balance your hormones


The quick reason to this is Stress. More specifically, long term stress experienced at work, home, in traffic and in everyday situations. Why? Because it causes our levels of cortisol – our stress hormone – to continuously spike. The problem comes when cortisol blocks the pituitary gland (our “master gland”) from releasing LH (luteinizing hormone) – which is the one women need in ovulation and men  need to produce testosterone.

Our hormones are all disrupted as a direct result of stress. When our bodies are under stress, they makes a choice: to  produce cortisol at the expense of the production of the other hormones. As a result, this can produce an hormonal balance that can lead into fertility and hormonal problems and also to other health problems.


Maca is considered one of the Top 7 Adaptogen Herbs. It works as an adaptogen by naturally strengthening the body. Adaptogens support and nourish the adrenal glands and are believed to balance the levels of cortisol, which in turn has been shown to balance hormones in both men and women regardless of their age. Maca helps to reduce many hormonal related symptoms such as:

  • Menstrual pains and cramps: Hormones have a lot to do with the pain levels every woman feel during their menstruation.
  • Anxiety: Many anxiety symptoms are produced by an unbalance in hormones. When your hormones are more balance you should be able to think more clearly without the foggy mind  and to feel more calm and positive.
  • Irritability and Mood Swings: These are the result of a big hormonal imbalance and many women with endometriosis suffer from this enormously.
  • Fatigue and Tiredness: Many people use Maca before they workout as they get an increase in energy levels.
  • Hormonal skin related problems: It seems that Maca helps to reduce these skin problems
  • Headaches and migraines : There are some headaches and migraines  that are hormonal. You usually know as they are correlated to your cycle, usually occurring before or during the period. Most hormonal headaches occur due to an imbalance in the ratio of oestrogen to progesterone. The oestrogen excess in the body could be due to chronic stress, too much of oestrogen-mimicking compounds like the ones found in plastic bottles, or insufficient levels of progesterone produced by the body.
  • Irregular and heavy periods: Yes, as a woman with endometriosis I have seen it all. It is supposed to balance this as well.


I started using Sarah’s Choice Maca Powder that I bought in Nourish. It is pricey but it was the only brand that specified the ingredients, the amount of Maca and the way it is processed. Some of the changes that I experienced in this first week are:sarah's choice maca powder

Tons of energy: I have noticed that I have more energy and I have been feeling extremely tired for weeks now. I assumed it was normal as the weather has been particularly cold in Dublin, it was even snowing yesterday. But I had my driving lesson in the evening and after a Macaccino I felt tons of energy like I just woke up from a nap. It was a great feeling to have energy again. I was able to feel sleepy at around 9 or 10 pm so its effects are not like the ones with mate that can keep you awake if you have it after 7 pm.

 Clear mind (bye bye fogginess) and more focused : I noticed this today at work as it is usually harder for me to focus in the morning but my mind was very clear and I was able to get lots done.

 Less anxious and more calm: I have felt more relaxed in general, able to acknowledge worries but not feeling it so much in my body. I do meditation quite regularly but the effects I am noticing go beyond my practice as I just feel more light.

I will post the recipe of my Macaccino on my next post! Stay tuned and let me know what is your experience with Endo-friendly foods or foods that regulate your hormones. Comments below and share if you like this post!