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♥ November favourites


Hiya guys!

As we are done with the month of November I thought I would share the things that I have discovered , basically the highlights of this month.From movies to tv shows to food and music!!

new gilmore girls


Yes, I can’t wait to comment on these four episodes of this fantastic TV Show. Many people that are not into the TV show wonder how we like it but I guess it is like everything. It depends on what you consider cool and what relaxes you. And I have to say, it does change in life, but how much I like this TV show, doesn’t. It is just one of those shows that are candid and feel-good of this idyllic and fun world. I also enjoy the funny witty comments of the main characters and it is just fun and light to watch.  So this is definitely one of the highlights of this month!


arrival movie



This movie was actually amazing. And I say this as I was just expecting to see a movie about aliens, period. So I guess that my expectations were quite low. But I could not believe the spin that they gave to this movie. The main character is a linguist, A LINGUISTS!! And they talk about how we understand language and how they think the language we use may influence the way we think. There are many theories that support this argument in the linguistic world and I loved to watch this movie as they put this theory into action. Yes, it is a science fiction movie but if you haven’t watched, go because it won’t disappoint!




Again, I did not have high expectations with this one. I thought it would be a depressing movie about an old man unemployed in England. But, oh boy, it is way more than that. It is quite candid as well, and yes, it is hard but funny, well, cynical, at the same time.

It is a very moving story explained from the point of view of the man, Daniel Blake  when he becomes unemployed. With a very tough critic to the British benefits system, Ken Loach won the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year. Living in Ireland I could not help but notice so many similarities in this system that I have to describe it as a very powerful movie that explains a very simple yet not always understood concept: there are many different types of people, and you can’t classify the nature of their character by their wealth. Definitely, a must see.



theatre lane restaurant

I went to this restaurant last week and it was probably the best meal I had in a long time. They have a very cozy restaurant, romantic, and it is quiet on a Friday night. There were some people there when I went but the atmosphere was quite relaxing. They have an early bird, and even though they have a relatively small menu what they make they make it to perfection.  And the whole walking around Greystones it is actually a very nice change if you live in Dublin city center.


I went to see this musician for the first time in Paris in one of this great Parisian cafes where they play modern acoustic Gipsy Jazz. He has a way of playing jazz that is very modern and very impressive to listen and to watch.

They played in this great venue in Greystones called the Hotspot ( a short walk from the dart ) that has sofas, comfy chairs and a few fireplaces around. Very small venue but good acoustic and the best part is that we were very close to the stage so it turned out to be a much better experience than the last time I saw him as the place in Paris was really full of people and it was more difficult to see him. Other than that, the music was fantastic. So if you are into modern acoustic jazz listen to his band as they are very good!

adrian mignard gig greystones


And that’s it for the November favorites! I am quite new at this and I am sure I am forgetting things. But  I am sure there will be more things that I will remember to mention at some point maybe for the December post.

So thank you for reading , let me know which things have been your favorites of this month and have a great day.

Hasta pronto!







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