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9 things you can do in Dublin this weekend that will get your holiday mood on


As the days get colder it helps to see all the Christmas lightening on in the streets  as it does lighten the mood .Sweets are at easy reach in most offices , even more as we get closer to Christmas. There is something about getting that extra portion of sugar when the days are darker and colder that makes us feel instantly good. It could just be the sugar rush, but I love it!

However, I try to keep my sugar levels as down as I can as sugar is the worst for people with Endometriosis and hormonal problems so I thought I would find other ways to make the winter a little bit less cold, especially here in Dublin where we get lots of rain on top of the freezing wind!

So instead of eating sugary things to make us feel better why not to try some of the great things you can do in Dublin these winter days?Doing things instead of eating things is my new motto. Join me!

Here are some of those things in case you want to give them a try:

1. .- Ice-Skating in Dumdrum on Ice


2. Dublin Gallery Weekend 2017:  24th-26th  November 2017. 


This event is a collaboration between almost 40 art galleries and museums across Dublin. The programme will include free public events such as talks, concerts, tours, workshops and exhibitions and projects by a diverse range of artists.

You can download their full programme here

gallery art

3.  Christmas markets all over Dublin


Sunday 26th November 2017

Thursday 30th November -23rd December 2017

  • Après Dublin: This Christmas Venue is divided in two parts: the village that  is family friendly and free during the day and the Lodge that becomes a party venue at night. The entry at night depends if you buy your ticket in a group or individually. See more on their website.

Sunday 3th December 2017

Thursday 7th December – Sunday 10th December 2017

4. Book for a movie in the Stella vintage cinema located in Rathmines. 

This cinema used to be closed and it was only a memory of what it used to be. Now it has been refurnished to become a vintage cinema, much more comfortable than most cinemas and in this one you can have cocktails and eat dinner! They show classic movies or other ones you could easily watch on Netflix although this sounds way more fun.

stella cinema dublin

5. Check out the Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo

This is a light show that takes places at the Zoo, although not as part of the Zoo. It is very difficult to get a spot as it is mostly booked out but check the video out as it looks really cool.

6. Go on a walking tour of the Christmas lights in Dublin city centre

I used to do this every year with my dad and my brother when we were little. It is a wonderful tradition. When I do this in town I usually plan for a stop somewhere for a Hot Chocolate + Marshmallows or a great Irish coffee at the Duke pub (my complete favourite here in Dublin for Irish coffee). In Spain the tradition was the same but having roasted chestnuts from a paper cone while you walk in the streets as they keep you warm and they are delicious!

Grafton Street Christmas


7. Take out the Christmas tree and make a thing out of the decoration time.

Play some music, have some drinks (here it is my Irish side stepping in) and make the most of this nice little tradition with the people you love while you decorate your tree.

christmas tree

8. Try Sweet Churro

This is the first real Churreria in Ireland. Their churros are fantastic and their chocolate is just the same you would have in Spain, at least the madrilian churros. I know that in Andalusia the churros are more like the porras in Madrid, bigger and not so crispy. These particular kind are my favourite ones! They are normally located in Dumdrum shopping centre as a food truck but they move to different places. Check their website for future locations.

Sweet churro


9. Watch a movie at the FRENCHFEST at the IFI .

Get your tickets here. French movies are always a fun thing to watch as they are so different from American or Irish movies. It is a great opportunity to practice ‘ton francais’ . 


Hope you enjoyed the list and please leave your comments below if you have done any of teh suggestions above or if you have any more suggestions of your own! 

Thank you for reading!

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