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Blogmas!🎄 Wish list for affordable cool style this Christmas!


Hiya! I am joining Blogmas for the first time! These are some of the few things that I have found in Dublin while shopping around. There are many accessories for us or for the house that are cool this year. For me, the colors are just great as I love the dark reds, greens, and blues. By the way, the blue bag on the picture (Forever 21) is reversible and it can be black or blue! I have a similar one that is brown and can be red too and they are very cool as it feels like you have two bags instead of one. 

So the point of my post today was to show you there are some cool things that are also affordable and totally on my wish list. But I also wanted to use this post to mention something I realized not so long ago. In the past, I used to shop for clothes without much aim and this lasted for many years but recently I realized that except for some specific things I have two tendencies that save money and change the whole look of what you wear.

I aim for accessories these days instead of the whole ensemble. 

Why? because it is more fun, you can risk more and get some fun stuff out of a few items. But if you dress all matched, well it can be too much. I prefer to mix it up as the result is always more unique when you have items from many years ago and you successfully match them with something you bought yesterday.

Also, just some accessories give you the feeling of a  change more than just a dress. Like when you get a new bag, scarf or hat. It is not a huge investment but the whole ensemble feels new!.

I sort of do the same thing at home. If you want your house to look different , you can change small things following a color theme. I have been trying to have a very zen white decoration almost all my life but I always end up with many colors in my house, so we like what we like I guess! Although I have a tendency to choose reds and greens over the rest of the colors.

Less is more

I find  to get a few things that are different that have personality and mix it with some other clothes that are more simple in plain colors so the main piece shows more. Otherwise, I feel like a Christmas tree.  And I guess that this applies at home as well as I also prefer simplicity in my Christmas decorations these days.

These days if I buy something (for home or for me) something else must go out. This is great as it makes you think what you will get rid of before you buy the new item, giving you the possibility to discern if it is an impulse buy or not. I mean, if you are not ready to let go of something else, it must not be so important after all.

In Dublin city center, space is scarce and apartments are not big, so the chances of ending like a hoarder are big if you are not careful enough. So I find this technique from Marie Kondo (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizingvery useful to keep the junk to a minimum. I will write a post more in detail about this but the idea behind this is that we are not really able to focus in a place surrounded by too many things, many times old things that don’t serve us anymore. Often times we keep them out of pure nostalgia but we should only keep those things that have a big emotional value for us.

So, as you can see, it is quite easy to apply this concept to what you wear as well. And it looks better!

blogmas christmas wish list
Photos from Forever 21, New Look, Penneys (Primark), Dunnes (Carolyn Donnelly).


So I hope that you enjoyed this blogmas post and let me know what you like to get this time of the year for you and for your home! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Hasta Pronto!


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