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Tired of the cold? Dream with these Spring fashion favourites


Since I live in Ireland, I have gotten into the habit of spring shopping way before it is even warm to wear theses clothes. But I  have noticed that to do this keep me hopeful that one day, hopefully soon, it will be WARM! Yes, my friends, it is still freezing in Ireland! The kind of cold that makes you use gloves!  But we all know that any day now at least the temperatures will be higher and more bearable for what it is known here as the Irish summer. It will be my 9th summer here so I am in full spring planning mode!

dresses spring 2017
Source: Zara

What to wear in Ireland in the Spring

The ideal here in Ireland is a closet that has flexibility. Dresses for me are great, as you can always wear them with a cardigan or a long sleeve shirt underneath and a trench coat in case it rains, which it does, A LOT.

I have become a total believer of the dresses and wearing skirts since I live here. Why? Because when it is lashing rain, only your leggings get slightly wet and they dry fast!! I never quite understood why Irish women wore so many dresses and skirts but this makes total sense.

My favourites this season

fashion favourites summer 2017
Images from Zara & New Look


After going to H&M, Zara, New Look and Forever 21 I have to say that my favourites this season are Zara and New Look. They have a really cool collection of dresses and accessories that I found really cool in comparison to what I found in the other shops. I like the mix of really delicate dresses with flowers and those dresses in black with a punk influence. After all, you don’t always feel like wearing floral dresses and I am a big fan of BLACK.

black dresses 2017
Source: Zara

I hope that you all enjoy the inspiration from this collection of dresses and accessories I spotted at these shops.

Let me know what are your thoughts on these trends in the comments section🤗

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