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Why celebrating every single thing will make you happier


I believe that we should be celebrating every single time things go well, we achieve things, we get love or we have lots of fun. I profoundly believe this is important and also a big part of why I am getting happier and more grateful with my life every day. I also find that some people do not react well to this and prefer to look at the glass as half-empty or just to focus on the 2% of negative from what otherwise would be a fantastic piece of news. I see these people as always walking under a dark cloud, they always seem to get the shorter end of the stick, they are always the unlucky ones and misfortune seems to follow them around wherever they go. But another characteristic of these type of people is that they do not get why other people see life in such a ‘happy’ way when there is so much going wrong, in their opinion.

To me, there is a fundamental difference that differentiates my way of thinking from their way of thinking: GRATITUDE.

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Gratitude is really the antidote to depression and to many unhealthy states of mind. Because it takes out the equation where we take things in life for granted and makes you see how lucky we really are for many things in life. For me, it took to go through depression myself and hitting rock bottom to really understand that nothing is really permanent, even the misfortunes in life.

I found a great deal of comfort reading books and blogs of people with an alternative way of thinking, one that does not take things for granted, which in many ways is kind of the reason for many people’s unhappiness.

Celebrate every chance you get as the bad is part of any play anyway.

So here it is my list of reasons to celebrate every single day:


We can just as easily focus on what does not go well in our life or decide to look back and see how much we have covered since we started living, right? We all have goals, and sometimes you do not get where you wanted, other times you get there and it is not what you expected, many other times we simply fail. But failure is really an important and necessary part of life, whether we like it or not. If you think that you can get along with your life without not even one failure you will not live, that is for sure. With that in mind, it is just safer not to try anything than to risk failure. I think it is much better to try and fail tremendously because it is not really about that. It is about how we deal with failure after it hit us, and it you are actively living, it WILL hit you at some point. We are human after all.


Many people restrain themselves of celebrating the good news, even if there is a slight chance of failure. I had that mentality but the older I get the more I believe that this is nonsense. Celebrate every time you have good news as if something bad should happen, you will feel it just the same. the only thing is that you are denying yourself happiness in the hopes to minimize the effect of possible bad news and there is not such a thing as minimizing the effect of bad news. At the end, you just choose unhappiness earlier, and sometimes without justification or delayed happiness.

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To understand that in life there will be good and bad moments, things that we will do right and others that we with do wrong, is assuming the active role that we have in our path in life. It is important to recognize that we do not come here perfect, ready to do everything perfectly and get everything right from the start. The minute that we take this humble position in life, things tend to unfold in a much more meaningful way and whether good or bad, happens, everything is a lesson.


We live in a very competitive society, even more since we use social media as we have ‘access’ to the lives of many people. But it is important to remember that especially in social media there are many things we tend to leave out, like the negative stuff. Most people will not dwell on the negative on social media and if they do, they won’t do it for very long. Social media is designed to showcase the positive things happening in one’s life. We are geared to follow and to be interested in the positive things happening in other people’s lives. If you find yourself paying more attention or being more interested in the misfortunes of people, take a step back and think why this must be.

Children are encouraged to celebrate every single milestone they get right and at some point along the way we decide that the milestone has to be of a certain size, or that it is only worth it to celebrate certain things. I think a simplification in our view of life and to go back to that playful and daring mind state where to try is courageous and worth a celebration in itself is the key to a very exciting life full of challenges.A life worth living after all.

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So, whatever you are going through in your life, I am sure there are plenty of things to celebrate and we all should. The minute you switch your focus from ‘how things should go’ to ‘I am so lucky to be here’ you will feel very different about anything that happens to you in life. And please, celebrate as there is much to be thankful for! 🎉


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