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Christmas gift ideas for the mindful person


We are a bit early into the Christmas season but all shops are fully stocked with very seasonal items. Sometimes it is very hard to get into the season simply because there is so much out there that it is really hard to focus on the really nice things.

Mindfulness during the holiday season

As for gifts, I try not to get too carried away by the shopping craze which is becoming harder and harder to ignore with all these new ‘events’ such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday just a week ago. For me, all these ´new events´are synonyms or one word, rebranded >> SALES. It is useful if you have been thinking about buying something and all the sudden you can get it 50% cheaper but that´s it. I don´t get how people get into fights for TVs or things like that.

We have to try to be mindful about the things that we think we need to feel happy. Funny enough, happiness is not usually a result of getting things but of feelings that are more long lasting like love, friendship, and fulfillment.

There is a short film that explains what I think about all these marketing strategies that are great for companies and bravo for the geniuses behind this but it distracts people from what can really make a person happy. It is way simpler than what you can buy, you just need to look inside yourself and be brave enough to ask the right questions.

Inspiration for gifts that fit all budgets

If you are thinking about what to get for the special people in your life, here are some ideas from Pinterest you can get inspiration from. Click on the images and they will take you to the original page of the article where you will find all the information you may need.

gifts for yoga lovers
gifts for the fitness lover


A different way to give Christmas presents

I love this one as it shows ways you can think about giving a gift to someone you love. Something they want, as a treat, or something they need, something to wear (it is always good!) or something to read. After all, it is about showing people that you appreciate them in your life. I know it is a commercial holiday, but there are many ways to show appreciation that don´t need to be expensive. One way to do it is the Pinterest below, the Zero Waste Christmas Challenge. I truly love this and I will do it this year myself as there are SO MANY ways to do this while making the day of somebody else!



experience gifts






Inspiration your space too (because I love this!)

If you need some inspiration as for decoration. I am into minimal decorations as I find them very relaxing so, check these ideas for more inspiration on what to add to your home. Most of them are quite easy to make.. Fun!:

minimalistic decoration xmas

Hope you enjoyed the blog post and let me know what you think about these ideas in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!


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