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Did you know that happiness = quality of your thoughts? 5 things everybody should know.


Hi, friends!

I saw this quote on Twitter the other day and decided to make a post out of it. This simple sentence resonated with me as it couldn’t be more true. ”Your happiness depends on the quality of your thoughts”. Here are some of my thoughts on how to gain some quality.

What is your definition of happiness?

This would make how you feel about your life entirely different. If you would like to be, say an important singer known all over the world, but you don’t even sing in a band I imagine that would make you unhappy. But we should ask ourselves what about the image: ”famous singer all over the world” we like.  Is it the singing part? is it the famous part? My point is to get to the core of what you are really looking for and really analyze it. Sometimes we have ideas on how life would be if x or x happened but it may look very different once you are there. Maybe it is not really what you were looking for, maybe you don’t even like to go on tour (back to the singer example), etc….

Once we know what we are about, and believe me, it does not come easy, we are able to really distinguish what happiness means to us. And not to care so much about what society thinks is more successful.

One situation, many different interpretations

I think that you can experience a situation and see it in many different ways depending on how you choose to feel about the incident. The whole experience of a person would affect how they see a situation but at the end of the day, we can, at least, be aware of how we see things. Often times it requires us to reframe to see a situation with fresh eyes.

You can get fired from a job and still see it as an opportunity, as a relief, instead of seeing it as the end of the world for example.

Mental strength

This is an interesting one as sometimes it is not easy at all to see things in a positive way, but the mind is like any other muscle. With enough training, it gets used to the exercise. I watched a TED Talk the other day that was about this. The speaker had a tough life and explains how she was trying to get the strength to continue with her life even when it seems impossible to do so.

When things are hard, we just have to remember that we have been through bad things, or know people that have and that we have to continue. Bad times are like any illness and they do pass with time.

Habits and their magic

I am a big fan of this. Maybe because it has helped me a lot. It is a great habit to do certain things that make us happy (for the sake of it) certain times a week. Petit plaisirs as the French would say. If you like to do yoga, swim, sing in a choir, or just walk with your friend, so so as much as you need. Having habits for bad times is also a great technique. For example, when you come from work and you are extremely tired it is good to have 5 or 6 things that you love ready to do. This is especially useful if you eat emotionally like I do when you are tired.  So instead, I know that I love a good bath or a walk at night, or I listen, sing to some tunes….etc…To make the list ahead helps a lot!

Meditation and journaling

I know that everybody is talking about this these days and we tend to think these things are just trends. But here is the thing: these two activities are just different ways to monitor what is happening inside our minds. With meditation, you listen and with journaling you read.

I use both depending on my mood and the day I am having. But you wouldn’t believe the things that we are saying to ourselves 24/7. For me, it feels like a well-deserved BREAK. What I have learned is that I put a crazy amount of pressure on myself with almost impossible targets and deadlines. And it does help. We all have thoughts that come with us like by default. We don’t know anything else as this is how we have always measured things. But to take that step back, and read what is in your head give you the perspective that you would have with a friend for example. And the small changes that you make just BY NOTICING THINGS help a lot in the long run.


So because we are in Christmas I thought I would add some pins I found on Pinterest about lovely self-care habits! 💐

Self-care ideas inspiration from pinterest


Thank you for reading and hasta pronto!

Elena 🎄


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