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Hi friends,

I am so excited to finally write my first blog post here!. I have been tuning and working on this project for the last few months and yet!! here we are! The idea of this blog has been a recurrent one for me as I needed to find a platform where I was able to share all the things I love and that I am learning everyday. The only problem is that I could´t figure out how to do that. After a few months, I put all the ideas together and voilà! Welcome to my blog!

 Weirdful Star was born when I decided to create a blog that contained all those things that I have found inspiring and useful over the years in an attempt to share with others what has worked for me (and what hasn’t!). I have been working in corporate jobs all my life since I was in college juggling those responsibilities with teaching in my free time and creating art just because that is really what makes me feel alive, quite simply. I always loved to write and to read, and if I had to summarise all that I love to do, I would say that I love to create (art, videos, slides, ideas, classes… you name it!) And I love to teach it and keep learning!

As you can imagine, when you put all these things in a CV most people´s faces looked a bit confused and it was only after the last few roles that I decided to find a different way to do things. More simple in some ways, way more scary in others.

I am still on that journey.

My purpose with this blog is to inspire you, to give you tools and ideas about things that you may find  useful and to help you create a meaningful and a beautiful life full of creativity, great people, travel and discovery for yourself. This blog is my ongoing journey working on how to become my best self and to create a wonderful and creative  life for me and for those I share my life with. The idea is to share with you all and to grow together.


No matter our age we can keep growing as long as we are ready to take in the lessons we are offered. I love, I succeed, I fail, I learn, I share, and repeat!.”

Self-discovery+ reframing+ small changes= happiness (or really darn close!).

Life is really full of things to learn and to discover just awaiting to be found out.


  • Artist and creator : Art by Elena Soriano
  • Spanish living in Dublin, Ireland for the last 8 years. Rain, Guinness and green landscapes mixed with sun,tapas, vino and Castilian landscapes.
  • Teacher.
  • Linguist.
  • Addicted to learning and podcasts.
  • Into digital marketing, organisation, project management, design.
  • Diagnosed with endometriosis 2 years ago. Still fighting this disease as it does not seem to have a cure, but I am hopeful that I will find a way to work around it. I will share tips and advice on how to better cope with this disease, along with the information that I have found useful on this topic.

So I hope that you find that you enjoy my blog and that we get to know each other better! I would love to hear your comments and suggestions about what I will be writing here 🙂

Hasta pronto!



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