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Reasons why Ireland is the best place to be in the summer


We all know that it rains in Ireland and that weather is completely unpredictable. But even when I go to sunny Spain in the middle of the summer I find myself missing activities and places that can only be done and enjoyed here in Ireland, and more specifically in Dublin. The weather is so warm in Madrid, that you can barely move during the day, except for going to the pool. But in Dublin, there is so much you can do in the summer that it is truly the best place to be.
The weather is fresh, nice but not too warm, the days are long (sunset starts at 9-10pm!) and all the sudden weekend fairs start popping out. It is the moment of the year where we spend most time outside and there are so many things to do outdoors!

Some of my favorites are:

Bray weekend fairs and Kilruddery gardens

Bray weekend fairs: In the video, you see the Air Show Festival in 2016 and Kilrudderu State.They have different themes with Bray fairs but most of the time they have fun activities for children, stalls with artisanal things to buy and food trucks. All of this in front of the sea.


Killruddery House & Gardens These are the gardens of a big mansion close to Bray. You can walk from Bray and it is only 15 minutes from there. They have tours of the mansion and you can walk freely on the domain. They have a great farm market on Saturdays totally worth checking out. It took me a few years to discover this gem as it was not listed in most guides, but once you visit this place it really stays with you.

Saint Anne´s park  and the Saturday Market

st annes park

This is a beautiful park passed Clontarf in the direction to Howth. You can easily go with your bike and the park is beyond beautiful. Not only is is a big park with big lanes and plenty of space to lay down in the grass but it also has a few mini-parks inside like a really nice Japanese garden and another garden with therapeutic herbs (there are tours for this in the summer)I will surely go this summer as I find the topic of herbal medicine quite interesting. There is also the Rose Festival in the park that takes place in July. Check the activities for the one last year in 2016 so you see what is about.


Howth and Boat to Ireland´s eye


Howth is a seaside town that we all know very well as it is very touristic. At the end of the Pier, you can book a boat tour around the island to see the birds and to walk in the island (weather dependent). A walk in their promenade is a nice treat, especially if you visit one of the many restaurants along the Pier. I had great fish and calamari in these restaurants. My favorites are the Oar House (great fish, great calamari, huge plates and more economic than the other restaurants) and Ocean (great fish, amazing views to the sea while you eat, and fancier. Also more pricey). If you go to any of these restaurants remember to book beforehand as it will save you the hassle of having to wait long for a table. These restaurants get very busy particularly on weekends.



Canal square markets (Dublin 6 and many other locations).

The markets are on all year long but not in all locations. If you want to check which market is closer to you check the website for the Irish village markets where they have all the dates and more info.

happenings cinemaOutdoor cinema

Open air Cinema  This one is a very cool event that they organise in the Irish summer nights. And befoe anybody says anything about it, yes, we do have some of those. I went to see one movie and just took a blanket with me and it was perfect. Bear that in mind, but other than that, it is a very cool thing to do!


Killaney Hill

For me, this is a great route to cycle. It is hard but the views are worth all the pain until you get there. But don’t worry it is not that bad for a cycle! Just a few uphills as you can imagine. Sometimes there is even an ice-cream truck where a park with great views is (in the middle of the uphill) but it is a great spot to take a break and soak in the amazing views.


Since the weather is getting better I find myself craving all these activities all over again. There are many more things to do around Dublin so I will write a series of posts with suggestions for Dublin city.

What places do you like to visit in the Spring?

Let’s continue the conversation! You can do that in the comments below and⬇️⬇️⬇️ on any of my social media!




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