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Discovering Endo: a few tips
Hi friends! Since I started this blog it was a decision of mine to write about endometriosis but in a more positive way that what you can usually read on the web. I remember the day I was told that I had endometriosis and even the way I was told that I had this condition as […]
Fantastic ways to get more energetic in the winter
This is the time when the days are getting colder and the nights are getting longer. It seems like it does not matter what we do as we tend to feel extremely tired every year around this time. Wouldn’t it be great if we got to this time of the year and we got more energetic? […]
My first experience with Weight Watchers!
Hi, friends! It’s been two weeks since I joined Weight Watchers and it has been a complete roller coaster! I decided to register because I wanted to loose a few kilos and I thought that the weekly monitoring would motivate me to lose more and faster. I was entirely sure that I had the nutrition […]
Weight Loss Challenge: The power of habits and cortisol in your life
Hiya Friends! These last two weeks have been a mix of many things and I am still doing this challenge and learning more things about how I understand food. One of the things I am noticing after 4 weeks doing this challenge is that the ‘crazy need for really rich foods’ is fading away. By this, […]
Endometriosis: 10 things to know that really help!
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi Friends, I am back talking about Endometriosis, yes with a capital letter as this is not just any illness. Those of you that have endometriosis, or know someone that has endometriosis know this well, that this illness is defined and treated differently depending on the doctor that sees you. […]
Stress and hormones: How to balance it all?Easy tips!
Hi friends, Hormones are very well known by all of us. As a woman, you get to hear it at around the time of your period, as far as we are told, that is the only time that we may feel a bit nutty because of our hormones. But hormones affect all of us, even […]
How to mentally prepare for a fertility treatment
For those of you who are thinking about starting a treatment or have been already through one, it is very important to start with the right mindset and thinking about ways to better cope with a process that is already quite overwhelming for most people. I don’t think that it will make it necessarily easier but […]
Walking & nature: the latest trend to improve our well-being
We all know that exercise can improve our mood and our health. That is why most of us go to a particular gym or sign up for a class like Pilates, Spinning, Box fit, you name it. Mine is swimming, I love to disconnect from everything and spend an hour swimming non-stop to quiet my […]
What is the story with probiotics? Are they really good for us?
You will read and hear many stories these days about probiotics and how good they are for you. But sometimes I miss reading about this in more simple terms so I really understand how these benefits will apply to my health. So after reading about this topic and asking around, this is what I gathered: […]
A natural way to get rid of your anxiety? Black & Green tea to the rescue!
Nowadays almost everybody suffers from anxiety one way or another. Often times this is related to stress at work. Other times it is triggered by other factors. When you do to the doctor for anxiety issues, you will see that the treatment recommended is usually based on oral medication with really strong effects. It blocks […]
Top 10 tricks to stick to your sport routine
Over the years I have noticed that when you stop exercising it feels very difficult to get back to it. There are some things that we all can do to make the transition from not doing sports at all to regularly exercising that will make the transition much easier. There are many tips out there […]
Peace & Tranquillity for Mind & Body
Part of Creating a Life You Love means surrounding yourself  with meaningful activities and positive people that inspire you to be a better and a happier person. But it also means looking inside oneself to declutter any unnecessary activity or habit that is draining our energy. This decluttering should be applied to your home as […]
Want to be healthier? Watch out those thoughts!
Words cannot change reality but they can change the way in which we perceive that reality. Pay attention to your thoughts as they may become your destiny. The 4 agreements by Miguel Ruiz It is a very short book but full of wisdom of how to review yourself in an objective way. His book is […]
Top tips and drinks to reduce inflammation
Since I suffer from endometriosis I have tested different methods, foods and drinks and noticed that some of them worked better for me than others. There are many more out there and I will be trying new ones but I will list here the ones that have made a considerable difference in my symptoms and […]
3 Self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back
This morning on my way to work, I was listening to a podcast that I love and the host was talking about self limiting beliefs as part of the things that will stop you from being happy. Often times it only takes a bit of courage to admit that we are accountable for how we […]