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How to keep your sanity & enjoy family reunions

Hiya! And happy New year to you all! I am just back from a few weeks of holidays and I honestly couldn’t wait to write this post. It does not matter how well you get along with your family, holidays is usually a time when we are meant to experience certain things that we missed about our families and of course others that maybe we didn’t miss as much.

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Blogmas!🎄 Wish list for affordable cool style this Christmas!

Hiya! I am joining Blogmas for the first time! These are some of the few things that I have found in Dublin while shopping around. There are many accessories for us or for the house that are cool this year. For me, the colors are just great as I love the dark reds, greens, and blues. By the way, the blue bag on the picture (Forever 21) is reversible and it can be black or blue! I have a similar one that is brown and can be red too and they are very cool as it feels like you have two bags instead of one. 

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Endometriosis: 10 things to know that really help!

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Hi Friends,

I am back talking about Endometriosis, yes with a capital letter as this is not just any illness. Those of you that have endometriosis, or know someone that has endometriosis know this well, that this illness is defined and treated differently depending on the doctor that sees you. As nobody knows why this illness appears, why some women have worst symptoms, and it has not been determined scientifically why some women develop it and why some others don’t , many doctors decide to simply ignore it as a contestant for what it may be happening to you. 

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Weight Loss Challenge: The power of habits and cortisol in your life

Hiya Friends!

These last two weeks have been a mix of many things and I am still doing this challenge and learning more things about how I understand food.

One of the things I am noticing after 4 weeks doing this challenge is that the ‘crazy need for really rich foods’ is fading away. By this, I don’t mean that I don’t ever think about it but that I don’t have it in my mind 24/7 and that it is becoming increasingly easier to just say NO. I read a book a long time ago about the power of habit and I guess this has  a lot to do with it. I have also realized how big is the role of stress in any diet.

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Super tips for your Barcelona trip!


This post is the continuation of the blog post I wrote last week with my Bucket list for Barcelona. I wanted to write another post with  a follow up on that one with some tips, things that i would have done differently (if I knew!!), the things that one learns when going to the city itself.

First of all, please do take a look at this beautiful video of Barcelona from the website as it will blow your mind. I wish I found this video before going to Barcelona! It is such an impressive video!!

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Spain changes you: 9 things you will notice


Do you know that feeling you have when you are back from your trip to Barcelona, Madrid, Granada or Alicante? Basically anywhere in Spain?Yes, this is the realisation we all have that as many people say: Spain is different, indeed. Let me tell you some of the most typical withdrawals you will go through on your first three days back!