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The mindset of wealth: 10 things to live by


Do you feel wealthy? Wealth is a very relative term. On one hand you can be very wealthy financially and feel very poor if your needs are bigger than your salary. On the other hand the next person may have fewer or more simple needs and feel truly wealthy with half of your what you had.

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.-Brian Tracy

So how do we know if we are as wealthy as we want to be?

True wealth is a mix of many things that will make us feel at peace and happy. Things like having a sense of purpose, strong and healthy relationships and a enough money to pay for our needs.

In order to feel truly wealthy one must go back to the basics in many ways by following these  simple 10 tips :

1.  Spend Less

Much of the money we spend is gone to things we don’t really need. We just feel we need them mostly because we are bombarded with great marketing techniques (I love them, I am a fan! but they have a purpose) that are in place to boost our needs for massive consumerism. Depending on how much you can discern the weed from the grass you will be more or less inclined to just follow these trends mindlessly or not.

I remember once I heard someone say that you can tell the ‘class’ of a woman by the brand of the bra she is wearing. I have actually heard the same comment from somebody else but with a ‘bag’ instead of a ‘bra’. The minute that you say a statement like that and you believe it to be part of your personality, congratulations! you are the perfect mindless consumer. You are the ‘dream’ for all marketers out there!And with reason.  Statements like that are just mindless repetitions of marketers’ messages. A bra is a bra, it has a function, and the same goes for a bag.You may like the design more or less, the material may be better or worse. But the brand? That is all a construct; a beautiful one, I love art after all, but that it’s all it is.  Anything else beyond that is just a trend that will come and will go as they usually do. So don’t stress if you don’t have the latest <insert brand>, and invest in things that make you feel good for a reason that starts within you and not in the marketer’s mind.

lifelong learning

2. Be a learner of life

‘’Never stop learning because life never stops teaching’'

Learn constantly and improve yourself daily. There are so many things out there you don’t know. I have taken as many of you know a lot of interest in how food and diet can alleviate symptoms of many illnesses. How the state of your mind will boost or attack your immune system resulting in illnesses or in full recoveries. I also learned for my art ,for this blog and for everything I can learn from.

For me it all started with learning languages but I am a learner as I love to keep discovering new things. If you stop developing yourself you may become stuck and we all should be learning and growing in one way or another. It is like you are telling your body and your mind: OK guys, I am done in life.I don’t need to learn anything else. And believe me, the body gets the message. I know so many people that feel they are done and they are less happy and even look older much faster than those that are life learners.

3.  Discover What You Love

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

We need to work in tasks that we enjoy or at least to invest some hours every day doing something we love., even if we don’t get paid for it. Just do some things because we love it and it fulfil us.  Even when I was a waitress during college I enjoyed the chit-chat with customers and on the side I did some other things that were more in line with what my mind needed to feel fulfilled like painting or when I was studying linguistics.

Once we discover what we love, we can follow that path and better provide for our needs in a more realistic way.

do what you love

 4. Make Your Own Opportunity

There are many talented people out there. And many of them have knocked to a million doors only to be told: sorry, no.  But we should never stop doing something because it is not externally approved. Keep doing what you love; keep becoming better at it and eventually a door will open.

And if it doesn’t at least you would have done what you love in your life. There are many celebrities that were rejected for a big part of their lives or for all their lives like Van Goth. You never know how your story will end if you never try. External success is relative and it should be treated as such.

5. Make your home comfortable by adding carefully thought items that make you feel at home.

For some people this will be a rug, a nice desk to write, a comfy chair to read on rainy days, or a lamp to read while you are in bed. But whatever it is, think about what it is important for you, the things that make you feel happy and cosy at home and invest in these things. You will see that you don’t have to spend much to feel the effect in your life. Not so long ago, we bought a table for our balcony. Since we did that, we have been spending more time in the balcony, just having dinner or just relaxing outside. The table was not expensive at all but the change that this table has brought into our lives is the important thing in itself and way more valuable that the price it costed. Some people are better at this than others, (one of my best friends is fantastic at this and her house is such a creative and carefully thought space!. It is really a reflection of her personality) I am still learning to add carefully thought items but I can see how it makes all the difference.

6. Practice Patience

''Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience''. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have patience with yourself and with others. Daily. That is a true sign of wealth. Many of us have an idea of where we want to go or how we want to get there and often times it is in these moments that we can feel less happy and stressed. It should really be the opposite! We should be grateful for everything we have accomplished to date.

For this I have found very useful to have a notebook where I review my goals, dreams and what I accomplish monthly. Even if you haven’t accomplished anything at all, it is a good opportunity to be aware of how you are doing and to give yourself a break if you need it. At the end of the year you truly realise how much you are moving towards your dreams and how much work it really takes to put things into motion.So it is a good exercise to practice as it makes the whole process more ‘real’ and less subjective.

patience and goals

7. Set Aside Extra Money

This is probably one of the things that makes me feel wealthier especially when in difficult times. Seems ironic, right? But when you are able to save money even when things are tough, it feel fantastic!. In general you know that you have a little cushion there in case you need it and that you are able to provide for yourself no matter what and that in itself is precious.

8.  Invest in a minimalist wardrobe

You may be wondering what that is but it is something that my mother used to talk about quite a lot when I was young. It is not so much about what you wear but how you wear it and how you combine it. It is better to have a good range of basics in blank canvas colours (white, grey and black) and then add some colours & accessories here and there. Have some statement pieces for special situations and that’s it.

I find myself these days going shopping for a couple of accessories and then, voila! I am all trendy. You don’t need to invest huge amounts of money in a new wardrobe to have some fun with how you look and to feel good in your clothes.

I find fashion a bit like a painting. It is an art after all. A white canvas will look good with a bit of paint. But if you keep adding and adding paint to it will look horrible no matter what. And even if you get away with it, it will be out of fashion before you can even imagine.

welcome change

9. Learn about yourself and to communicate better

I still remember what a friend told me not so long ago. It seems that in Argentina people go to the psychologist like people here in Ireland go to the gym. It is a basic detox process everybody goes through. In Spain is becoming more common but there is still some stigma around it. Everybody understands that if you want to be fit you need to get a nutritionist, a coach or go to the gym. If your foot hurts everybody understands that you need to go to the doctor but if you want to improve your life from a spiritual side, some still see the psychologist as unnecessary and will prefer to just take pills and live with their unresolved dramas forever.

If you want to feel really wealthy, investing in your mind, in your communication skills, in your happiness, in knowing yourself better and improving yourself is probably the best luxury to invest in. There are many ways that you can do that, from reading books, to listening to podcasts, YouTube videos or hiring someone to help you in some areas of your life (coach, counsellor, psychologist…)

Never stop growing and getting out of your comfort zone. It is the only way to live better.

10. Learn the Rules then break them if you need to

This applies to art and to life. We all know that the most admired painters are those who know the rules well and they can follow them only to break them and do their own thing. At least those are my favourite painters! But in life it is pretty much the same. We learn the rules and then we decide if we want to follow these rules or if they are not for us after all.

There are many things that people are expected to be socially.  We all have social expectations placed upon us. But at some point we have to decide which ones of those rules work for us and which ones don’t and live with it. I find that to find what makes us truly happy does not need to be the most evident answer.

Be brave, explore, make mistakes and follow your instinct and you will see the amazing results.

Remain confident that you are growing and offering something of value and have taken risks when necessary that are in alignment with your goals and values.

So you see, true wealth is a state of mind, a journey where we decide what has value and how much.

Which of these tips resonates with you? I’d love to hear your comments and please kindly share this article if you like it!



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