Near Paris: The cutest towns you can’t miss!

Paris is a beautiful place full of history, art and great things to do. But if you are anything like me, after a few days you will miss some tranquillity and that is something a bit harder to find in Paris city.
But what if I tell you that just a few kilometres away there are four beautiful ‘villes’ , as the French say, that will give you that tranquillity and loads to see.
This is part of the Impressionists’ route (La route des  impressionistes) where you can visit the town where Monet lived and painted so much (Giverny) or have a crepe in the local creperie facing the river Seine in Vernon and many more things. The two towns that I am going to show you in this post are the ones we visited in a 3 day trip to Paris this August. I have many more pictures on my Instagram if you want to take a peek.
In case you wondering how close to Paris these towns are check the map:
Route from Paris to Lyons la Foret


The first town you will find is La Roche Guyon and Giverny is a short drive away as well. Vernon is again really close too and you can even just spend a couple of hours there for dinner as we did. There is a great creperie in Vernon that is totally worth the trip: La Creperie Fleur de Seine

Auvers sur Oise is the famous town where Van Goth lived and where he is buried. You can see the famous church that he painted and many things around his life. It is a very cute town as well.

Les Andelys is a bigger town with a beautiful cathedral totally worth the visit too. We barely had time left this time to visit it properly but we were very impressed with this town as well.

La Roche-Guyon


This town is simply breath-taking. From the moment you step in you almost feel like travelling back in time and becoming part of an old movie. The town was actually very quiet since the weekend that we visited it was in August and it seems that all French go on ‘vacances’ (holidays) at the same time in this month.
Even then, it was really nice to wonder on its streets and to enter in its beautiful castle. The Château de La Roche-Guyon was built in the 12th century, facing a river crossing of the Seine. This beautiful french town is one of the routes to and from Normandy.
There is a garden outside the castle that was built not so long ago where pesticides are not used since 2007. They grow pears, pumpkins, apples and many fruits and it faces the river Seine. The castle is totally worth the visit as it is very beautiful inside. It still has some furniture, the space is quite cozy, it has an inside church with a cripte that looks like it was taken from the movie Indiana Jones and a ‘pigonier’ that is a tower where they use to keep the pigeons to send messages. It is a very different space and the views are breathtaking.

lyons-la-foret cute french places to visit lyons-la-foret beautiful french castles cute french towns lyons-la-foret lyons-la-foret


Lyons-la-Forêt is located 34 km (21 mi) from Rouen and 28 km (17 mi) from Gisors. The former name of this town was Saint-Denis-en-Lyons. It is one of the few towns that has been awarded with 4 flowers which is the symbol they use in France to determine the level of beauty of the town’s flowers.It seems that it is like the Michelin stars but with flowers. It is no surprise as this town is like a decor from a movie. Every house is designed to transport you to a different time, There are gorgeous flowers everywhere and they even have a main square with tables and parasols like the ones in Spain.
lyons la foret visit france lyons la foret lyons la foret cute little towns in france lyons la foret lyons la foret lyons la foret cute little towns in france
I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you visit this great area in France.The people are very nice and they are specially calm around here in comparison with Paris.
 What areas of France do you prefer and why? Do you want to travel to France soon? Leave your comment below and kindly share if you liked this post.
A bientot!

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